Saturday, November 15

I have neglected this blog so! I started a tumblr, but I miss it here! So here are CAT HEADS!

Sunday, April 27

Wednesday, March 19

Photoshop painting Rocks!

I've been spending a lot of time painting background rocks lately, these are crops/close-ups from a couple of things I'm working on...I think I'm getting really into painting rocks.....

Tuesday, February 25

HeartBeets on Threadless
I figured it had been awhile since I was rejected by Threadless, I’m due for another go! Please vote!

Monday, February 24

I designed/illustrated this poster for a short film, it was fun to make and now I kinda want to make a bunch of fake movie posters.

Wednesday, February 12

Another editorial for I illustrated, I've never watched soccer, but I do like face paint!

Sunday, February 2

 I just finished drawing this set of valentines! It was so fun to get an excuse to illustrate these and come up with such cornball puns! Off to the print shop!

Tuesday, January 7


I know it's only January, but I'm having a really good time illustrating really bad cornball valentine pun cards!

Thursday, October 31


I love Halloween, so I drew this jumble of Halloween pals! FUN! Maybe Halloween wrapping paper 
illustration for next year! I may work on it more, but I have pumpkin seeds to eat.

Saturday, October 19

Saturday, August 17

Here's another illustration I did for about faith-based mingling. I am happy about the book smiles!

Sunday, August 11

Yippee! Drawing nature while sitting in nature!!!! My favourite thing!! It's like meditation, but with more ink! I drew the top one in Apsley, and the lower one in Kitchener. I think I got a sunburn, but still I am happy.